Cookbook Cooking, Stay Tuned for Civil War


And now, the biggest news here since the publication of Fighting for Our Lives! After nearly three years of hard labor, our anarchist cookbook, Recipes for Disaster, has finally entered the production process. This 624-page book collects a great part of the skills and knowledge direct action enthusiasts have developed and tested over the past decade, covering everything from Affinity Groups to Wheatpasting; well over thirty different collectives have collaborated to produce it, and we hope it can play an important part in equipping our communities for the next decade of activity. The books should be back from the printers and in our hands around December 15, check back here then for all the details. We can’t accept pre-orders, as we have no idea what will happen to them, us, or you between now and then, but in the meantime, click here for a characteristically grandiose preview.