Rolling Thunder #4 Hits the Streets!


The fourth and best yet issue of Rolling Thunder, our direct action and resistance culture biannual, is fresh from the printers. The centerpiece of this one is a full-color photoessay chronicling the popular uprising during which the people of Oaxaca, Mexico wrested control of their city from the government for a period of months. Continuing that theme, other feature articles cover the defense and eviction of South Central Farm in Los Angeles, the Really Really Free Market as a model for reclaiming public space from capitalism and bureaucracy, the resurgence of squatting in Buffalo of all places, the university occupation movement in France, and the ins and outs of urban exploration. The remainder of the issue includes a comprehensive guide to supporting prisoners and defendants, the lyrics to “The Big Rock Candy Mountain” as interpreted by acclaimed comic artist Nate Powell, a gallery of ready-to-use stencils, and plenty of the edgy artwork and poignant prose you’ve come to expect.

To celebrate this issue’s debut, we’re sharing the report on the Really Really Free Market in our features section. If your community doesn’t yet have a Really Really Free Market, read this introductory guide and consider starting one up this coming spring. We feel it’s one of the most effective new anarchist organizing models of the past few years.

Also, Rolling Thunder now has its own postal address.