Requiem/The Spectacle Tour Dates Updated


The Requiem/The Spectacle tour begins this weekend—see here for an updated list of the dates. The tour includes a distribution table featuring a wide array of radical literature and material. Hope to see you out there!

A quick update on the poster kit projects: This weekend we did new reprintings of all three posters (third for ‘Gender,’ second for both ‘Beauty’ and ‘Regime’), so it appears folks are excited and motivated by them—at this point we have put more than 100,000 out into the world—hooray! Sadly, the cost of the fancy paper we use for the posters has gone up considerably over the last year since we first made them available, and with this most current printing we are forced to raise the prices by about 50¢ a bundle to keep up with costs ($4ppd for a bundle of 25, $25ppd for 250).

Also, as the election nears, stay abreast of more effective means of having a say in your society at