New poster, FFOL update, new essay, CrimethInc. en español, video for Europe, etc.


We have a new poster design addressing the upcoming war now available for download — waste no time applying it. A new Fighting For Our Lives update has been posted, but here is the short and skinny: out of stock, no longer available — read how to get more copies here.

CrimethInc. en español esta listo, preparado par Guerrilla Latina CrimethInc. ¡Es muy bueno! There are tentative plans for a CrimethInc. cell to publish FFOL in the UK within the next month, they’re ‘acquiring’ funds etc, but in the meantime you can get info about obtaining the European formatted VHS release of the Breaking the Spell video by emailing them. In mid-February we’ll announce our newest publishing project, codename: Stone Hotel. The Crimethink Anti-CrimethInc. Strike Force has published a communiqué, we consider it only fair play to publish it here. “CrimethInc. attempts hostile takeover of the anarchist market niche — but there’s still hope for us, if we resist.”