We’ve Reprinted Work and Expect Resistance


We’ve reprinted two of our classic books, Work (2011) and Expect Resistance (2007). These books still have a lot to offer today and we’re excited to keep them in circulation. If you haven’t read them yet, here is your chance.

Work: Capitalism and Resistance in the 21st Century

Work presents a schematic analysis of how a profit-driven society distributes power and agency, exploring the ways that the economy has shifted since the age of industrialism and the Fordist compromise and proposing how we might update our strategies for anti-capitalist resistance. This book is one of the few popularly accessible efforts to update anti-capitalist analysis from the dusty Marxist models of the 19th century. If you want to understand why unions have not been able to stabilize wages for two generations, why neoliberal globalization prevents governments from enacting reforms without immediate negative consequences via the financial market, how labor movements that originally fought for the liberation from work were coopted into preserving and stabilizing the capitalist system, and what it would take to abolish capitalism once and for all—this is the book for you.

Expect Resistance: A Field Guide

Expect Resistance is one of the most ambitious and beautiful projects we’ve ever undertaken. It combines a novel that allegorically recounts our experiences from the rise of the so-called “anti-globalization movement” to the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq with a wide range of anarchist theory, analysis, and art.

The red text tells a story; the black text presents a critique of all the different forms of alienation, confinement, and coercion in our everyday lives and points the way to a resilient struggle for collective liberation.

To learn more about Expect Resistance, consult this whimsical reviewer’s guide from 2008.

The books in production.

The reprints in transit.

A copy of Expect Resistance at a research station in Antarctica in 2008.