Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army Summer Tour

Our lovable comrades of the Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army, whose work we’ve shared here before, are embarking on a month-long tour presenting their newest production, “Donny Quixote!” The show offers a scathing critique of “green” capitalism and technology a a humorous adaptation of the story of Don Quixote. MRPA will offer two other feature performances as well, alongside a wide range of literature relating to the content of the shows.

This tour is intended to help build a culture of ecological resistance that embraces a diversity of tactics, including direct action. The narratives debunk the false solutions that capitalists propose in response to the ongoing ecological crisis.

June 20th: Richmond, VA at 6:00 pm The Flying Brick

June 21st: Washington, DC at 7:00 pm Radical Space DC

June 22nd: Philadelphia, PA 7:00 pm at Wooden Shoe

June 23rd: NYC, at 3:00 pm ABC No Rio

June 24th: NYC, 7:00 pm at Book Thug Nation

June 25th: NYC June 26th: New Haven, CT June 27th: Providence, RI

June 28th: Boston, MA, 7:00 pm at Spontaneous Celebrations, in collaboration with Lucy Parsons Center

June 29th: Amherst, MA, TBA June 30th: Albany, NY, TBA

July 2nd: At the Earth First! Rendezvous

July 5th: Buffalo, NY, at Burning Books

July 6th: Pittsburgh, PA at The Big Idea

July 7th: Columbus, OH July 8th: Chicago, IL

July 9th: Madison, WI, 7:00 pm at Rainbow Books

July 10th: Winona, MN at The Burrow

July 11th: Minneapolis, MN, 7:00pm at The Minnehaha Free Space

July 12th: Des Moines, IA at Vaudeville Mews

July 14th: Bloomington, IN, 7:00pm at Boxcar Books

July 15th: Louisville, KY, 7:00 pm at the WIT Space, 806 East Chestnut

July 16th: Chattanooga, TN J

uly 17th: Knoxville, TN, 6:30pm at The Birdhouse

July 18th: Chapel Hill, NC at The Nightlight

July 19th: Greensboro, NC at Glenwood Coffee and Books

The tour is co-sponsored by the Earth First Journal, the voice of the radical environmental movement.

For more information on the Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army and updates on shows, visit Contact the puppeteers here.