New Website and Contest


After six years without any significant changes, we are very proud to debut this third revision of the website, rebuilt and hand-coded from scratch through nine months of tireless toil. It features a more inviting and less obtrusive aesthetic, an entirely new navigation scheme and tightly integrated search function, more and higher-quality PDFs, a totally revamped texts library, a polished and expanded downloads area, extensive and high-quality photos of our various projects, a re-tooled and super-fancy online store, and a regularly updated and fully integrated blog.

You can just click around to get acquainted; or, if you’d prefer a more structured tour, we’ve created a Site Guide that discusses the process and motivation behind the redesign and also provides a basic walk-through of the new features and functions. We are super anxious to hear your feedback, so please leave some comments.

We are also holding a contest that begins today, the prize of a Ne Plus Ultra Edition of Days of War going to the two people who find and report the most errors on this website in the next seven days.

Contest Guidelines

a) Contest Ends on September 21 at 11:59PM.

b) One point is awarded for each error reported; errors of any kind qualify: spelling, grammar, bad links, formatting mistakes, etc.

  1. Error reports should be emailed to, and MUST have “CONTEST” in the subject line of the email.
  2. Send errors as you find them, and send as many emails as you need to. Points will only be rewarded if, when we receive the email, the error is still on the site; i.e. we will be actively fixing errors throughout the week and if we receive your email after we correct them, you get no points.
  3. To identify errors, include the page URL, then identify the column, then header of section (if applicable), then paragraph number. (i.e., left column, Usability, 2nd paragraph, ‘cuorse’ should be ‘course’)

c) The two people with the most points at the end of the contest will receive a (slightly imperfect, minorly scuffed) copy of the Ne Plus Ultra edition of Days of War, Nights of Love, sent to them via Priority Mail.