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Rebel Girl: November 7, 2018: An anarchist dies in an attack on the Russian intelligence force FSB, Trump escalates his threats against anti-fascists and the migrant caravan, and how is there any hope at all left in voting on this episode of…

Riot Dogg: The Hotwire, a weekly anarchist news show brought to you by The Ex-Worker.

Rebel Girl: With me, the Rebel Girl.

Riot Dogg: And me, the Riot Dogg.

Rebel Girl: So Riot Dogg, did you make your vote yesterday?

Riot Dogg: Uhh… what?

Rebel Girl: This might be the most important midterm election of our lives! A lot is at stake.

Riot Dogg: Rebel Girl what the fuck are you talking about? I’m an anarchist.

Rebel Girl: But if you don’t vote, you can’t complain—and we all know how much you like to complain.

Riot Dogg: Listen, even if I thought voting was useful, which I don’t, I’m not allowed to vote.

Rebel Girl: See? There ya go complaining again. But I actually didn’t know you were disenfranchised. Don’t worry though, with the right people in office we might be able to pass an amendment giving voting rights back to felons and incarcerated people. There’s been so much anti-prison organizing in the last decade and if we organize that into a serious campaign that pushes for real changes and…

Riot Dogg: No, no. It’s not because I’m a felon, I’m a dogg…

Rebel Girl: Oh, right.

Riot Dogg: Dude, what has gotten into you?

Rebel Girl: Well, last episode you said we couldn’t do anything Halloweeny, so this episode I decided to dress up like a liberal!

Riot Dogg: Oh… ha ha… I see now—cute “I voted” sticker. You pull it off well.

Rebel Girl: I can’t believe you thought I was being sincere. Come on, if voting changed anything it would be illegal.

Riot Dogg: That goes for not voting too.

Rebel Girl: Wait, weren’t you just cursing at me for saying you should vote?

Riot Dogg: It’s not voting itself that gets at me, it’s the fixation with it as the pinnacle of political participation, when it’s literally the least you can do. Vote or don’t vote, but don’t glorify either as some significant act.

Rebel Girl: I’m not sure I agree with you there—I don’t vote because most eligible people don’t vote. It’s an indictment of the system, and it’s a threat, as if we’re an army in reserve waiting to rid the world of all these parasitic, useless politicians. Every vote just gives the whole system—the system that put Donald fucking Trump in power—a veneer of legitimacy.

Riot Dogg: I dunno, I can kind of see why some revolutionaries might want to vote. Say we are engaged in class warfare against the ruling class—wouldn’t we want some choice over who our enemy’s general is?

Rebel Girl: But it never goes down that way. When Obama was elected, the anti-war movement didn’t escalate, it just dissipated. It’s this classic ebb and flow of left resistance, it’s in the streets during the first years of a republican presidency, and loses steam when a democrat is elected. People get placated. Where were the people shutting down airports when Obama was deporting record numbers of undocumented migrants?

Riot Dogg: I don’t think people, at least, the people I consider our comrades, are saying having democrats in power solves all our problems. They’re just saying it make our conditions for struggling a little easier, it gives us more room to breathe, it’s harm reduction.

Rebel Girl: Listen, things are really bad right now, probably the worst they’ve been in my lifetime, but let me quote from an upcoming article about voting in The Fifth Estate, “that’s exactly why, now more than ever, we can no longer hide behind the delusion that voting will ever solve our problems. Precisely because it’s so bad under Trump, it’s urgent that we figure out strategies that will actually work to stop the underlying reasons why he’s able to wield such destructive potential: which is because we cede our power to the state, and rely on elections rather than direct action to solve the problems created when politicians use that power in the ways they always have.”

Riot Dogg: Makes sense to me, I’m just tired of the fixation with voting—positive or negative—each time elections come around. Vote if you want, whatever, it takes 5 minutes, but let’s stay focused on the struggles where we can have the most impact. And if people really want to explore all the different anarchist positions on why voting is a disempowering, immobilizing ritual, they can check out Ex-Worker episode #51, our hour-long audio-zine about Anarchism, Voting, and Direct Action, or episodes #47 and #48, which go into detail about the anarchist critique of democracy.

Rebel Girl: You know that statistically, though, your vote doesn’t actually count right?

Riot Dogg: I know, ok? Can we get on with the show?

Rebel Girl: Ahem, you can find a full transcript of this episode with shownotes and useful links at, where we also have a twenty-nine-and-a-half minute version of this episode for standard radio broadcasts, and no cussing.

Riot Dogg: And now, the news…

Rebel Girl: One more thing about voting…

Riot Dogg: Noooo!


Riot Dogg: But, speaking of Halloween, the Earth First! Newswire reports that last Wednesday, zombies and “ a dozen ghoulish pipeline fighters stopped work at a Mountain Valley Pipeline construction site… near Blacksburg, VA. Their presence halted multiple construction and worker vehicles, including a truck carrying multiple lengths of the 42-inch diameter pipe. One of the “zombies” on site stated: ‘We are the living dead. Our birthright of capitalism, global warming, and never-ending extraction is a death sentence. This fact must be realized. These forces must be stopped.’”

Rebel Girl: Halloween this year also saw a zombie march against university privatization in Bogotá , Colombia, where zombies destroyed a police station and other symbols of capitalism, while in the early hours of Samhain, pagans in Michigan treated coyote hunters with some late night trickery, destroying traps in the woods before bounding away in the night.

Riot Dogg: Also last week, students in the No Bayou Bridge Pipeline struggle shut down a recruiting event for Morgan Stanley at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh—Morgan Stanley is one of the major financiers of the pipeline.

Rebel Girl: In The Hague, Netherlands, 700 people marched behind a banner reading, “No Human Is Illegal.”

While in Tampa, Florida, nocturnal vandals removed campaign signs for a vocally racist & xenophobic politician, and then repurposed the signs to spell out “ICE IS SLAVE CATCHERS” outside Tampa’s ICE Processing Center.

Rebel Girl: On Saturday, in Liverpool, England, 500 anti-fascists prevented a far-right march of so-called patriots. In fact, the 10 or so fascist demonstrators never even made it out of the train station, despite the massive police force there to protect the fash.

Riot Dogg: After Patriot Prayer held a small rally in Seattle on Friday, they got the boot from a local taco joint and bar [cw: lookism in link] after customers recognized them and chanted, “Nazis Go Home.”

Rebel Girl: Delicious!

Riot Dogg: Also on Friday, in Toronto, over 2,000 anti-racists and anti-fascists disrupted and delayed the start of a so-called debate between pro-capitalist David Frum and far-right former executive of Breitbart News, Steve Bannon. 12 protesters were arrested.

Rebel Girl: Many of you may have heard about the ongoing struggles across the south against Confederate statues. Many of these statues were erected by the United Daughter’s of the Confederacy, which have littered the south with hundreds of statues, glorifying the Confederate past. And in a stroke of brilliant resistance, when the United Daughters of the Confederacy gathered in Richmond last week for its annual convention, they were met by dozen of protesters demanding that they take their statues back.

Riot Dogg: In Los Angeles, the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement protested Turkish Airlines outside of LAX airport for the Turkish state’s recently ramped up threats to invade Afrin City, the heart of the western-most canton in Rojava.

Rebel Girl: In Amsterdam, sympathizers with the ADM squat, which is facing eviction threats, squatted a building in the expensive and touristy red light district. They announced that the upper floors will be used for housing, in protest of the affordable housing shortage in the city, while the ground floor will be a meeting and activity space, in protest of the boredom and cultural erasure that comes with gentrification.

Riot Dogg: Meanwhile, in Berlin, after two years of anti-gentrification resistance to a planned Google base, including sabotage, protests, and a campaign dubbed, “Fuck Off Google,” the tech-giant has abandoned its plans. Well done unsere Freunden.

Rebel Girl: The whole! World! Hates the Google! Literally! Last week 20,000 people from New York and Dublin to Seattle and Singapore participated in walkouts from Google workplaces after a report that revealed Google had paid millions of dollars in exit packages to male executives accused of sexual harassment and assault, while staying silent about their rapey behavior.

While this story is making a big splash and being lauded as unprecdented, we’d like to remind our listeners that just six weeks ago, McDonald’s workers in ten US cities walked off the job to protest sexual harassment at work. Let’s not forget about the struggles of those who don’t earn six figures, who are living from paycheck to paycheck.

As the essay “Fuck Abuse, Kill Power,” says, “Virtually all recent mainstream coverage has treated sexual harassment and assault as an issue distinct from capitalism and hierarchy… Abolishing capitalism and all other systems that concentrate wealth and power into the hands of a few would not put a stop to sexual assault, but it would greatly reduce the coercive economic power that the rich and powerful wield over the rest of us. Without those structural imbalances in power, assaulters would not have the means to manipulate anyone into complicity and silence. This may sound utopian, but it is the only realistic solution if we’re serious about combating sexual assault. No system that centralizes wealth and power can prevent that power from being used to coerce or harm people.”

Riot Dogg: In New York City, anarchists took this message to the streets outside a procedural hearing in the case of Anna Chambers, the teenager who was detained and raped by two on-duty NYPD officers last year. They held banners reading “Let’s Smash This Rapist Cop State,” and “Anna Chambers we believe you.”

Turning the Army against the People: Border Militarization and the Migrant Caravan

Rebel Girl: Long-time listeners of The Hotwire will remember that last year we were tracking the number of times Trump mentioned anarchists. In tweets, the count was two—one after anti-fascists shut down Milo Yiannopolous in Berkley, and after the massive anti-capitalist resistance that greeted the G20 in Hamburg. While last year Trump characterized anarchists as thugs, a challenge to the police and military, and even “professional,” this year on the campaign trail, Trump brought up anti-fascists in a way to make them sound weak and pathetic.

TRUMP: You ever see what happens when they take the masks off? Antifa. You have guys who look like they live with Mom and Dad in the basement. They live in the basement of Mom and Dad’s home. You know what that is, that’s the size of their biceps. But they wear the tough black outfits… Oh, I would never suggest this, but I will tell you, they’re so lucky that we’re peaceful. Law enforcement, military, construction workers, bikers for trump…

Riot Dogg: So anti-fascists are nefarious thugs… but also pathetic? Confusing. This reminds me of how white supremacists simultaneously think of themselves as helpless victims and master race.

Rebel Girl: No, they’re not confused. They know what they’re doing—when to play which card—antifa are scary and monstrous when we’re successful, but we’re weak, easy kills after a far-right massacre like Robert Bowers.

And I hate to turn this into just another news show that regurgitates whatever Trump says, but his announcement last week to send thousands of troops to the border is a bad sign for anti-fascists also.

Riot Dogg: What do you mean?

Rebel Girl: In his press conference about the deployment, Trump said that troops will consider rocks thrown at them as firearms, meaning they can respond with with lethal force. Not long after, when the Nigerian army came under criticism for shooting into a crowd of protesters blocking traffic, they responded by citing Trump’s words, showing two things: 
-one, how the escalation of any state’s repressive apparatus reinforces governments around the world, and… 
-two, how dangerous it could be for protesters here if he successfully establishes yet another precedent for using the military against civilian populations.

Take this passage from “The Thin Blue Line is a Burning Fuse,” an essay from November 2015: “Private military contactors who operated in Peshawar are now working in Ferguson, alongside tanks that rolled through Baghdad. For the time being, this is limited to the poorest, blackest neighborhoods; but what seems exceptional in Ferguson today will be commonplace around the country tomorrow.”

If it becomes normalized for US troops to occupy unruly cities within the territory of the United States and to intervene at the border against unarmed civilians, it will be only a matter of time before those troops are deployed against other populations as well. First they came for poor Black communities—then they came for the Muslim immigrants—then they came for the undocumented immigrants… this list will continue to grow, eventually even including white liberals, if things go far enough. The less backlash there is about the deployment of troops at the border, the faster this process will proceed.

Riot Dogg: Makes sense to me, but even if you’re not an anti-fascist or from a demographic already targeted by state violence, there’s plenty of reason to oppose border militarization and the repression of those who cross. To explain this in more depth, I’m going to quote from length from the new CrimethInc essay, “Turning the Army against the People: Border Militarization and the Migrant Caravan”:

Last week, President Trump ordered thousands of US troops to “defend” the border, despite the fact that the migrant caravan is weeks away from making it to northern Mexico. Trump and his fellow nationalists and racists have been fear-mongering about the migrant caravan in hopes of mobilizing their base to vote in this week’s election; but their efforts have also triggered a wave of fascist violence including last week’s massacre at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, in which the killer specifically cited solidarity with immigrants as one of his motivating factors.

In the quarter of a century since the passing of NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) globalized capitalism has inflicted grievous damage on the biosphere, indigenous populations, and workers’ protections. Industrial production has shifted to the parts of the world where labor is cheapest—so workers in even the wealthiest countries have to compete with workers in other parts of the world to see who can sell themselves the cheapest. In this context, it’s no longer possible for laborers to gain leverage by organizing on the level of a single factory, or even a single country; the global market simply routes around resistance to find a more exploitable population. If we want to defend our interests as workers, we have to make common cause with everyone else around the world who is exploited.

That means that labor organizing has to begin by opposing the border—not just as a line on a map, but above all as a social division that cuts through the population of every country, segregating those with citizenship and travel privileges from those who are denied them. Just like racial divisions, the border serves to prevent workers from uniting to defend their interests against those who exploit them.

This is the one-two punch of the complementary Democratic and Republican agendas: the Democrats introduced NAFTA, paving the way for the neoliberal order that is steadily concentrating wealth, while the Republicans are intensifying the violence that preserves that order.

Despite Trump’s superficial criticism of free trade, and his laughable campaign promises to bring factory jobs back to the United States, the president knew from the start that he could not build a time machine and transport the white working class back to 1950. Thus far, all his financial policies have only served to speed the pace at which capitalists like himself are plundering them along with everyone else. What he can do to placate white male workers, however, is adjust the distribution of violence, focusing it even more against people of color, undocumented people, women, and queer and trans people than it already is today.

Fascists, white nationalists, and nativists desperately need an enemy to rally people against; their false notion of community only makes sense when they can define themselves by contrast with an Other. They are pushing for “strong borders” as a way to revive identities such as whiteness and patriotism that are fundamentally based on exclusion. If the caravan did not exist, they would have to find another threat to mobilize around. Their project is not particularly popular with the majority of the population. This is why the lone-wolf killers, militias, and paramilitary outfits are necessary—not just to terrorize the opposition, but above all to shift the Overton window regarding what sort of discourse is acceptable. For his part, Trump’s strategy is always to push the envelope to see how much he can get away with.

Trump and his cronies are hoping that people will disapprove of his administration’s activities, or perhaps just vote against them, without taking any concrete action to make it impossible to implement them. Even if you don’t identify with refugees on the receiving end of colonialist oppression, even if you don’t recognize opposition to the border as a necessary step towards updating the labor movement for the 21st century, you have every reason to recognize this as your own fight.

What does it look like to resist the militarization of the border? Some may travel to the border to be there when troops are deployed, or when the caravan arrives. But the border is everywhere—everywhere that an ICE facility operates, everywhere immigrants live in fear of being snatched from their families. Even if you can’t travel, you can take meaningful and effective action wherever you are. We have some specific calls for mobilizations on the border at the end of our episode.

On the Attack against the FSB in Russia

Rebel Girl: Last Wednesday, 17-year-old Zhlobitsky Mikhail Vasilyevich, a student at the Arkhangelsk Polytechnic University in Russia, died after executing a bomb attack at his local FSB headquarters. A year ago, the FSB—Russia’s Federal Security Service—initiated a wave of repression, arresting and brutally torturing anarchists in order to force them to sign false statements admitting to participating in a supposed terrorist group invented by the Russian authorities. The ensuing crackdowns put tremendous pressure on anarchists around Russia, and it seems that with last week’s attack, the FSB has gotten its wish, bullying young Russians into carrying out bombings rather than engaging in public organizing.

Before his attack, Vasilyevich left the following message in an anarchist group chat he participated in:

“Comrades, now in the FSB building in Arkhangelsk there will be a terrorist attack, the responsibility for which I take upon myself. The reasons are clear to you. Since the FSB fabricates cases and tortures people, I decided to go for it. Most likely, I will die because of the explosion, because I have initiated the charge directly by pressing the button attached to the bomb cover. Therefore, you are requested to spread information about the terrorist attack: who committed it and what the reasons were.

“I wish you to go unswervingly and uncompromisingly towards our goal. Light to you, the future of anarchist communism!”

While we don’t believe that individual attacks on specific authority figures will suffice to abolish the institutional power of the state and capitalism, the Russian state has left precious few alternatives for those who desire a means of bringing about positive change. At the conclusion of a week that has seen a tremendous upswing in authoritarian repression and fascist violence around the world, from Pittsburgh to Brazil, it is time for us to discuss how we can collectively respond to the escalating violence of the state and its fascist supporters. It also bears mentioning that the FSB is directly descended from the KGB, showing the continuity of oppression between state socialism and capitalism. Under Putin and Stalin, under Kennedy and Trump, the machinery of state tyranny remains the same.

We respectfully bid farewell to this young man who took a stand against repression, torture, and deceit, doing the best he could with the few options that were available to him. Let’s organize together to give people like him a reason to live. And at the very least, please check out to find out more about the repression in Russia that drove Vasilyevich to carry out his attack.

Riot Dogg: We also want to remember Kevin Garrido, an anarchist in Chile who was recently sentenced to 17 years in prison for placing an explosive device next to a police academy in 2015. On November 2, prison guards reported that Garrido was murdered by another prisoner in his facility. While the state may charge this prisoner with murder, we know that the police and prisons are responsible for the conditions that led to Garrido’s death, and the only kind of justice will come from redirecting any aggression between the oppressed against their oppressors instead, until neither prisons not police can function.

Two days after Garrido’s death, while comrades and family made their way in a caravan to lay Garrido’s remains to rest, police vehicles began amassing behind the caravan on the highway, stopping vehicles, running IDs, and eventually teargassing and hitting mourners with batons. According to Radio Bio Bio, a police anti-riot vehicle ran over one of the mourners, resulting in grave injuries, although it does seem that he will live. When the caravan did reach the cemetery, police again attacked mourners there—INSIDE the cemetery.

Rebel Girl: We send our solidarity and condolences to the comrades in Santiago, and we admire your bravery in the face of such brutal repression. Compañero Garrido, presente.


Riot Dogg: In this week’s repression roundup…

On January 19, a Morton county sheriff’s deputy shot Diné activist Marcus Mitchell with a bean-bag pellet during the No Dakota Access Pipeline mobilization at Standing Rock. A lead pellet entered Mitchell’s left eye socket and shattered the orbital wall of his eye, leading to permanent vision loss in his left eye and partially lost hearing in his left ear. He can no longer feel or taste in parts of his face. His cervical spine was also damaged, leading to extreme bruising of the discs and nerves in the back of his head.

Now, a year and a half later, Marcus is being charged for the incident, with criminal trespass and obstruction of a government function, which together carry a maximum sentence of two years in prison and a $6,000 fine. His trial is scheduled to start on Thursday in Mandan, North Dakota. We’ll bring you any important updates from the trial.

Rebel Girl: Two Polish anarchists are in jail after participating in protests against the European Economic Congress in 2015. Both were sentenced to community service, which they rejected, and now one is serving a two month sentence. Supporters say that police will not release information about the other detainee, and that they do not know where he is imprisoned.

Riot Dogg: Seven activists in Gap, France are set to go to trial tomorrow, after being charged as an organized gang for helping migrants enter the country. In fact, they were participating in a countermarch at the border against a far right, anti-migrant group, Bloc Identitaire. The gang designation was intended to be used against organized crime syndicates but is instead being used against these activists. Predictably, only these activists face charges, while the French police have kept their hands off Bloc Identitaire.

Rebel Girl: The Centro de Cultura Libertária of Cacilhas-Almada, which was founded in 1974 and is the oldest anarchist cultural center in Portugal, is facing eviction due to rampant real estate speculation and gentrification. They are collecting donations to either pay a much higher rate or move to a new space, either way, they need funds to keep their space open. There’s a link to donate in our shownotes.

Riot Dogg: Jason Walker, a Texas inmate associated with the 2016 prison strike and a contributor to the Fire Inside zine, has been moved to the Ellis Unit. ]Jason reported]( that he’s in a block of 300 prisoners who are being given cold showers, and when he complains about this (or anything), they lock him up for several hours in a phone-booth-sized cubicle too small to even sit down in. To put pressure on the prison about this cruel treatment, you can ring the warden’s office at (936) 295–5756  or try emailing the warden at There’s a full report written by Jason and the conditions he’s enduring at [](Riot Dogg: Jason Walker, a Texas inmate associated with the 2016 prison strike and a contributor to the Fire Inside zine, has been moved to the Ellis Unit. Jason reported that he’s in a block of 300 prisoners who are being given cold showers, and when he complains about this (or anything), they lock him up for several hours in a phone-booth-sized cubicle too small to even sit down in. To put pressure on the prison about this cruel treatment, you can ring the warden’s office at (936) 295–5756  or try emailing the warden at There’s a full report written by Jason and the conditions he’s enduring at

Rebel Girl: In a recent update on the ongoing Vauhn 17 trials, Support the Vaughn 17 reports that Roman Shankaras has been severed from his trial group due to ongoing conflict with his lawyer and will be rescheduled for trial at a later date. The state brought extensive witnesses to the stand, who all admitted that they didn’t know what weapons were used to kill the guard, who or made them, when or where they were made, or out of what. So far, there is no evidence beyond cooperating witness testimony – no video, no DNA or forensics has been presented that directly ties any defendant to the guard’s killing. All the state has is other prisoners who claim to have witnessed the attack. All prisoner witnesses were previously potential suspects and the defense has pointed out their motivations to offer dishonest testimony to cut a deal with the state. We’ll continue to update y’all on the Vaughn Trial as it goes. And court is ongoing every weekday from 10am–5pm in Courtroom 8B at 500 N King St, Wilmington, DE. More court support is welcome, so if you can go, you should!

Riot Dogg: Seven prisoners at the Toledo Correctional Institution went on hunger strike on November 2nd over the construction of additional solitary confinement cells and moves from the institution to become an all lockdown facility. Strikers are also protesting inhumane conditions and racist harassment. Supporters of the strikers are calling for a phone zap, especially because strikers have been met with rubber bullets in the past in retaliation. You can call ORDC director at 614–387–0588 or Toledo Correctional Institution at 419–726–7977. We have a sample script in our shownotes.

Rebel Girl: The campaign to free the Virgin Island 3 is kicking into high gear. The Virgin Island 3 are Abudle Azeez, Hanif Shabazz Bey, and Malik Bey, activists wrongly convicted of murdering eight people at the Rockefeller-owned golf course in St. Croix. They were all in their early twenties when they were rounded up with hundreds of others and forced confessions were obtained. All three were anti-colonial activists resisting US rule of the island. Malik, Hanif and Abdul have been imprisoned for 46 years and just applied for commutation of their sentences. Join with the Philly Anarchist Black Cross to help get them free. Like many aging prisoners, they are experiencing increasing health problems and pose NO RISK to the society they’ve been locked away from for nearly half a century. Because the Governor’s term is ending and he is up for re-election on November 20th, now is the time to contact him and the other decision makers to express support for their commutation applications. Please write a letter in support of their commutation, you can mail, email, or fax one in. We have addresses and numbers on our site, as well as the address for the Virgin Island 3.


Rebel Girl: And now, for prisoner birthdays and next week’s news.

Joseph Dibee celebrates his birthday on November 10! Dibee was arrested this summer in Cuba after 12 years of the FBI searching for him, and he is accused of participating in Earth Liberation Front arsons. Writing to Joseph may only take you a few minutes, but getting your letter could be the highlight of his week. We have his address and a guide to writing prisoners in our shownotes. Joseph Dibee is pre-trial, so remember not to write him anything about his case or anything else that could be used against him.

Riot Dogg: We’ll close out this episode with next week’s news, our calendar of events that you can get plugged into in real life

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief continues their tour across the Midwest with their two-part workshop on community organizing, disaster relief, and resisting disaster capitalism. This week, you can catch them on November 9 and 10 in Lincoln, Nebraska; and on November 14 and 15 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Rebel Girl: Anarchists in Amsterdam are having their anarchist book fair on November 10th.

And the weekend of November 17 and 18 has anarchist book fairs in both Seattle, Washington and Boston, Massachusetts. More at and

Lastly, anarchists in Umea, Sweden are hosting their first ever bookfair from November 29 to December 2.

Riot Dogg: Anti-fascists in Toronto are calling for a counter-demonstration against PEGIDA’s anti-Muslim anti-refugee rally on Saturday. That’s this Saturday, November 10, and you can meet at noon in Mel Lastman Square.

Rebel Girl: SOA Watch is holding a Border Encuentro from November 16–18 in Nogales, Arizona and Mexico, around the theme Dismantle Border Imperialism!

Riot Dogg: To mark the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht and to push back against the uptick in anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and xenophobic violence around the world, Jewish radicals are calling for International Days against fascism and anti-Semitism from November 8th to the 11th. The call is using the hashtags #AntiFascistFall, #CancelThem, and [#OutliveThem.]( Answering the call, there is a rally and march in New York City on November 10th at 1pm, meet at 83rd and Lexington Ave. In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the Jewish Antifascist Network of the Triangle will gather on Saturday night, November 10, at Peace and Justice Plaza to hold a service for those murdered in the Holocaust and in recent white supremacist and anti-Semitic attacks. Visit

Rebel Girl: Anti-fascists in Little Rock, Arkansas are staging a demonstration against the white supremacist National Socialist Movement. On Saturday November 10th, people will converge on the capitol steps at 500 Woodlane St at noon to oppose the neo-Nazis and their calls for genocide and fascism. Riot Dogg: This month’s PDX Rad Movie Night, hosted by Portland Anarchist Black Cross and Oregon Jericho, presents The Gentleman Bank Robber, the story of queer revolutionary and former political prisoner Rita Bo Brown. The screening, followed by a discussion, will be taking place at 6PM on Sunday, November 11th at the Social Justice Action Center at 400 SE 12th Ave.

Rebel Girl: There’s a Stand Against Proud Boys action in Philadelphia on November 17th at 11am to counter Proud Boys who are planning to attend a rally called We the People. Meet at Washington Square Park at 6th and Walnut Streets.

Riot Dogg: Antifascists in London are hosting a meeting on Monday, November 26th at 6.30 pm to plan solidarity events for January 19 in support of anti-fascists facing persecution in Russia. The meeting will take place at Mayday Rooms, located at 88 Fleet St.

Rebel Girl: On December 17th, in Brownsville, Texas, people are planning to Meet the Migrants at the Border, greeting them food and love! This date is currently tentative, as it is unclear when the migrant caravan will actually arrive. Organizers point out that there are five other points of entry on the Texas border the migrant caravan may try, and are encouraging people to organize more events. Check out our website for a link to the facebook event.

Riot Dogg: Lastly, the 2019 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar is now available and makes the perfect stocking stuffer! This year’s theme is “health/care” and features art and writing from Suzy Subways, Ashanti Alston, Micah Bazant and Debbie Africa. You can order one (or 10) at


Rebel Girl: And that’s it for this Hotwire. As always thanks to Underground Reverie for the music. You can contact us at podcast[AT]CrimethInc[DOT]com, where you can also find all the links, mailing addresses, and useful notes we customized for this episode.

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